Our Guarantee

Here at Polar Pocket we guarantee that your jewlery will never get tangled. The innovative foam technology "freezes" your precious necklaces, rings, and select watches so you can live life knowing your valubles are safe in storage.

About The Creator
  • 6 Vibrant Colors

    The innovative cases come in six eye-catching colors.

    -Crimson Red

    -Metallic Pink

    -Midnight Black

    -Ocean Blue

    -Platinum Silver

    -Sunset Gold

  • Quality Materials

    Our materials are sourced ethically and our product is free of toxic chemicals. The foam eliminates dampness and keeps your jewlery from tarnishing.

  • Fast Shipping

    We use safe and reliable shipping services such as USPS or UPS so we can get your Polar Pocket on time and undamaged.

How It Works

The cases uses innovative foam technology so when you put the jewelry inside the case and close the lid, the foam presses down on the jewelry preventing any movment. When the foam presses down on the jewlery and it cant move, the jewlery can't tangle or get lost!